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For her yoga is a life time journey of learning about herself and balancing her life. She teaches what embodied in her practice, that is synthesized from different yoga lineages and teachers that she learned in the past 11 years, but mainly inspired by Prana Vinyasa that she learned from Shiva Rea and Twee Merrrigan. For her teaching is learning and her students are her teachers.


Her ability to breakdown the movement and transition into details, her sensitivity to the subtle movement in the body give a unique color into her teaching. She always asks her student to build a solid foundation, to be mindful of each and every step on the mat, to feel every details of the body if possible, to listen to every breath and every feeling that arises within the asanas, and most importantly to fully enjoy the whole journey, because yoga is a sacred time spent with yourself.


She was a dancer for over 10 years and began practicing yoga in 2007 in tandem with her study in psychology. She is now a bachelor in psychology, a certified clinical hypnoterapist and still continue her education to the post graduate degree in psychology.


She has been teaching since 2010 and incorporate the principles of psychology in her teaching. She strives to offer a safe practice, supports and encourages her students to touch into their own center with breath and love during the practice. Her class is challenging, flowing, fun, and ending with a sweet relaxation.


Yoga for her is a tool to explore, enrich, and enjoy herself while cultivating a strong body, compassionate heart and open mind.


She first got into yoga class in 2006 to improve her poor health. Her practice has helped her to be healthier, stronger and more flexible both on and off the mat. These positive benefits made her continue to pursue education in various style of yoga and healing arts.


The most influential teacher for her is Twee Merrigan for she has inspired her to learn more by teaching. Alignment and balanced energy flow are her two main focuses in her teaching.


She hopes that she can challenge her students to reach their hidden strength beyond their limitation


She loves sports since she was a little girl, running, swimming, dancing, and aerobics. Not a day she passed without doing any exercise. Her love of sport and her eagerness to learn something new brought her to her first yoga class at 1996, and started to seriously deepen her practice at 2010. For her yoga is a journey of lifetime learning.


Learning from different yoga teachers and style, made her saw different aspects of yoga, and those knowledge completed each other and inspired her in her practice and teaching.


Helping her students to understand more about their body and themselves is her mission in teaching.


When her mom passed away in 2006, life was not the same, and this change made her took her first yoga class. Feeling the lightness in her mind, even though her body was ached and sore, she decided to continue to learn this body and breath work. All the qualities in yoga allow her to be more present in everything she does.


The willingness to be able to practice on her own, has taken her to many yoga workshops and training, brought her to teach her first yoga class at 2009.


Yoga has made her life easier, not because the absence of the challenges but the ability of how she handle those challenges has changed. She could move on from her life crisis. The stuck emotions and scars were slowly untied and washed away. And she began to find the strength and confidence to live her dreams.


She loves to share her experience of practicing yoga and its effect to her life. She believes, by being consistent, honest and joy in the practice, yoga can transform every one’s life.


Always introduce herself as “Si Cantik Joey”, she loves to eat, read, watch movie, shops and travel. She loves yoga and has gotten so many benefit from it, physically and mentally. Yoga makes her a better person. That is the reason why she teaches yoga, to help other people to get the same benefit. Hoping that it will make the world a better place.


For her, yoga is like journey of life. Before yoga came to her life, she didn’t do any exercise for 8 years. Being very stiff, she joined her first yoga class with Pujiastuti Sindhu in 2009. Even it was hard for her at that time, she immediately fell in love with yoga. Since then she continued to practice and learn more about yoga.


Started to teach at 2010, she describes her class as detailed but fun. She doesn’t want her students to be too serious in doing yoga or pushing themselves too hard. She want them to understand their purpose of doing yoga, to understand their body, knowing when to stop when to push and accept their limitation, to practice with all their hearts and still have fun with it.


For her yoga is about being present. It is about freeing the mind and feeling the now. It is also about being playful and creative at the same time. Her practice is her sacred time to explore herself.


Her yoga journey began at 2010, immediately fell in love with yoga and the sensation afterwards since she introduced to her first practice. She loves how yoga brought her a better understanding of her body and herself. Since then, she learned and experienced a lot of benefit of yoga and the significancy of yoga philosophy and real life.


One of the beautiful things about yoga for her is that she would always be a student, no matter how long she has practiced, there is always something new to learn.


Eager to share her passion with others, she finished her 200 hours Teacher Training Certification in 2014 and started to teach. Now she is ready to share her knowledges with us.


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